GBSAccessTM portal allows you to utilize our flexible, efficient web tools and perform these tasks quickly and easily, anywhere at any time.

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The portal enables and provides access to important information, such as:

  • Account Information - Provides account and contact information
  • Enrollment Summary - Provides a census of all employees (active and/or terminated)
  • Employee & Dependent Summary - Provides details about enrollment, plans & costs
  • Financial History - Displays enrollment, billing and payment information for the last 3 billing cycles
  • Plans & Rates - View current Carriers, Plans, Group Numbers & Rates
  • Premium Invoices - Provides a listing of the past 18 months premium invoices in a PDF or Excel format
  • Temporary ID Information - Prints a temporary ID information sheet confirming coverage effective date, plan, coverage type, group number for each employee or the entire group
  • Pre-populated Enrollment Forms - Print a completed GBS election form to streamline the renewal process
  • Online Payment - One-click payment and setup auto-pay
  • Online Enrollment - Manage open enrollment plus day-to-day life events and changes
  • Online Call/Task Tracking History 

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Payroll Integration

The combination of proprietary offerings, products and technology partnerships position GBS to provide the most flexible and personal solutions for our brokers and their clients.

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